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Ch. Simply Simes Katshaleen x Junglebook Fairy Dust of WinsomeBG
Breeder: Caroline Gardner-Welk
Born: 08/10/2009
SBT 081009 057


This is our little F4 girl and half sister to Junglebook Glitterbug of WinsomeBG. From the second I saw a picture of Glitterbug on the Junglebook website, I was in love with that adorable little face. Next best thing to Glitterbug was her half sister who has that same sweet but wild face. I love the large nocturnal eyes and the broad, puffy whiskerpads. Pixie was only 9 months old when her pictures were taken and she has continued to mature beautifully.
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Ch. Dreamquest Fandango of Dadaelis x Pocketleopards Batik of Kamisha
Breeder/Owner: Kathy Shaw, Kamisha Bengals
Born: 3/8/2010
SBT 030810 018

Ch. Kamisha Fan Grrrl: 5th Best Kitten 2010 On Safari; Best NW Brown Marble Bengal 2010 - 2011 Show Season!

From our first litter sired by Fandango came this little marble girl, our Fan Grrrl! We call her Etna, because she was in our "E" litter. Etna is a muscular little cat who is a great fan of the cat wheel. She has a wonderfully sweet personality and always is purring in the judging ring. She has a beautiful head and profile and a lovely tri-color, "stained-glass" marble pattern.
At 2010 On Safari in Albuquerque, NM: Kamisha Fan Grrrl: 5th Best of Congresses Kitten out of over 40 stunning Bengal kittens being shown! She received a 4th Best Kitten, 3rd Best of Division from Judge Vickie Shields and a 6th Best Kitten from Judge Jay Bangle. That weekend at the Enchanted Cats show she received at 4th Best Shorthair kitten from Judge Kim Tomlin.
Etna got her Championship in 3 rings at her first adult show. At The Maine Event, Tukwila,WA she was awarded a 4th Best Allbreed kitten by judge Laura Cunningham. We were pleased to have done so well, since the Bengal class was lovely and included two Supreme Grands.
Etna now is going to stay home we are looking forward to her beautiful kittens! To view Etna's's pedigree in a new window, click here

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AllAboutSpots RiseOfTheSilverSurfer x Bonafide Pip Pip Hooray
Breeder: Ed Fasolo (BeenSpotted Cattery)
Born: 07/03/2010
SBT 070310 040

BeenSpotted Surfer Girl of Kamisha. We call her "Katniss" (for you Hunger Games fans out there!). Katniss is a welcome outcross to our breeding program. Her sire is a silver charcoal and her dam is an amazing marble, so she will bring some interesting things into our gene pool. Katniss is an independent little cat. Not into being handled much but she is amazingly intelligent, fun and loyal. She lives in our computer room, where we spend a lot of time, and constantly entertains us.
Pedigree coming soon.
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Kamisha Arcane Art x The Realms Dijanera
Breeder: Tara Hackett, ToughandMighty Bengals/Owner: Kathy Shaw
Born: 11/29/2009
SBT 112909 009

Nakoma is a wonderfully sweet little cat out of one of my favorite girls, TheRealms Dijanera (Rio). Rio was a perfect guest when she came here to be bred to Cane. Never a cross word, she was always loving and polite. Additionally, Rio is a lovely, big cat with a beautiful head. I am so happy to be able to own this little daughter of hers.
Nakoma's pedigree will be here soon!

Retired Girls:
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Foothillfelines Harley Red x Heartfelt Stormy
Breeder: Terra Sinclair, Pocketleopards/Owner: Kathy Shaw, Kamisha Bengals
Born: 10/17/2006
SBT 101706 051

Batik was our second Bengal girl. I wasn't planning on a marble, but she was such a beautiful kitten I couldn't resist. She gave us three lovely litters and has now been spayed and is my delightful companion cat, which is all she ever wanted to be anyway. Her legacy is being continued by her son, Banzai and her two daughters, Etna and Elwha.
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Ch. Merkaba Rocky Balboa x Wildlove River Queen of Heartfelt
Breeder: Karron Taylor, Heartfelt Bengals/Owner: Kathy Shaw, Kamisha Bengals
Born: 06/25/06
SBT 062506 016

Kala was our very first Bengal and she only gave us one litter. Motherhood was just not her thing. But from that one litter we got Cane and his sons and daughters have given us a wonderful foundation on which to build our future generations of quality Bengals. Kala is now spayed and being spoiled rotten in her new home with Tiffany and her family.
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