Junglebook Cubby Coo the Rajas Cat x Tayloredtiggars Dots of WinsomeBG
Breeder: Leslie Hall
Born: 05/30/2006
SBT 053006 038

Photo courtesy of Cheetahsden Bengals

For seventeen months during 2011-2012, thenks to the kindness of Ken Davis of SXN Bengals, we were honored to have Junglebook Sanjiv staying with us and living with our girls. He produced amazingly beautiful kittens and brought his wonderful wild look into our cattery. This is a quality we cherish and will work to maintain in our future cats.
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Sanjiv was bred to WinsomeBG Pixiedust of Kamisha, Ch Kamisha Fan Grrrl, Toughandmighty Tacomas Nakoma and Beenspotted Surfergirl of Kamisha.
Many of Sanjiv's Kamisha kids are shown below. These kittens are our next generation and hope for the future!

The "M" Litter from Sanjiv x ToughandMighty Tacomas Nakoma. Left to right from the top: Mora, Malone, Manito and Mica.

Kamisha I Malone, male brown spotted tabby

Top to bottom: Mora Mae, brown spotted female, Metaline Mica, seal mink spotted male and I Malone
I just love this litter. I almost kept them all, but decided to send one of the snow boys to a wonderful pet home. Each kitten has unique qualities that I would like to see in my future cats. So they will stay here for now. They are so loving and full of trouble that life would be terribly dull without them!

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Junglebook Sanji x Kamisha Fan Grrrl
This boy combined the wild head and expression with the flashy pattern carried by Fan Grrrl through her sire Dreamquest Fandango of Dadaelis. He is an amazingly powerful cat with great confidence and presence. I just love this boy and look forward to showing him during the 2013 season.

Junglebook Sanjiv x WinsomeBG Pixie Dust of Kamisha
This sweet-faced little girl has a very wild presence. She moves in a fluid, stealthy, jungle cat way that is beautiful to watch. She is also wonderfully loving and kind. I look forward to her producing her huge eyes and puffy muzzle in her kittens.
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